Example Documents and Sample Studies

The CONSORT group has been building a library of examples that help to explain how to implement the CONSORT standard in clinical trials reporting.  If you look at  the Checklist Explorer page, you will see that for each checklist entry, there is an "examples" tab that shows examples of how that particular checklist item has been written up in well-reported trials.

How to find examples of CONSORT checklist itemsWe have collected examples of reporting for all of the CONSORT 2010 checklist items, and for many of the CONSORT extensions. However, we are always looking for examples of good reporting.

You can now get involved in the effort to improve the quality of trial reporting by submitting examples of good reporting for inclusion in the CONSORT Library of Examples. Click here to read more about this initiative.


How to Submit a Reporting Example

We have done everything possible to make submitting a reporting example as simple and transparent as possible,  In order to submit an example, you must first register with the CONSORT group website.   Then you can submit an example by navigating to the "My Examples" page, and clicking on the "Add Example" button.  Here's how to submit an example:

  1. Add example Press the "Add Example" button to show the example submission form.
  2. Complete Example FormYou must complete the form that appears.  While you can upload an entire trial document, we recommend copy-pasting the specific text of your example into the box provided.
  3. Expand TileWhen you have submitted the form, a new tile will appear with your example title on it. Click on the tile to expand it. You will see a list of actions you can take with your submission.
  4. Submit Example for ReviewIf you are happy with your example,  click on the "Submit for Review" button to alert CONSORT staff of your submission.


Your example won't immediately appear in the Checklist Explorer application.  It must first be reviewed and approved by CONSORT staff.  Staff researchers may contact you if they have any questions or require clarification.  You can view the status of any examples you have submitted on the "My Examples" page.  Once your example has been approved, it will appear in the "Published" column, and you will be able to see your example by navigating to the checklist and checklist item that it applies to.


View A Sample Study that Implements the CONSORT checklist

We have marked up a well-reported sample study to demonstrate how the CONSORT checklist can be applied to help ensure accurate reporting. The study is integrated with the Checklist Explorere, so you can see where each checklist item is reported by simply clicking on that item.  Click Here to View a Sample Study.