Extensions of the CONSORT Statement


 Design Extensions

Intervention Extensions
Data Extensions

Due to the recent publication of CONSORT 2010, work is underway to update the various CONSORT extensions to reflect the 2010 checklist.

The main CONSORT Statement is based on the 'standard' two-group parallel design. However, there are several different types of randomized trials, some of which have different designs (e.g., cluster), interventions (e.g., herbals) and data (e.g., harms).

To help improve the reporting of these trials the CONSORT Group has been involved in extending and modifying the main CONSORT Statement for application in these various areas, and the resulting CONSORT extensions are presented in this section. This list is, by no means, exhaustive; and work is constantly in progress.

Please note that modifications to the CONSORT checklist or flow diagram that are not developed with the involvement of the CONSORT Group do not have permission to name their work 'CONSORT'.

Some work, however, has been done to modify the CONSORT Statement without the involvement of the Group. These unofficial extensions of the CONSORT Statement can be found in the CONSORT database.

Page last edited: 24 April 2013