Chinese Herbal Medicine Formulas

A CONSORT 2010 extension for reporting Chinese herbal medicine formulas (CHM) was published in 2017. While CONSORT extensions for herbal medicinal interventions and acupuncture interventions are available(pre-CONSORT 2010), the reporting of trials of CHM formulas remains inadequate. A group of clinical experts in Traditional Chinese Medicine, methodologists, epidemiologists, and biomedical journal editors have developed a CONSORT Extension for CHM Formulas (CONSORT-CHM Formulas 2017). It is available for download below.


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Cheng C-W, Wu T-X, Shang H-C, Li Y-P, Altman DG, Moher D, et al. CONSORT Extension for Chinese Herbal Medicine Formulas 2017: Recommendations, Explanation, and Elaboration. Annals of internal medicine. 2017 Jun 27;167(2):112–21. PMID: 28654980