Other initiatives

MJA Book

The Medical Journal of Australia has published a book entitled "Designing and Interpreting Clinical Trials: A guide to the CONSORT Statement. The principles of randomized controlled trials." It is based on a series of articles published in the journal highlighting each of the items in the CONSORT checklist.

CONSORT Diagram Generator

A free on-line CONSORT diagram generator has been developed for the CONSORT flow diagram by Seth Wolpin from the University of Washington, USA. Modifications to apply it to CONSORT extensions are in development.


CONSORT has also been used as the basis for a system called CONSORT Plus, an extension of the CONSORT requirements to trial-bank publishing developed by Ida Sim at the University of California, San Francisco, USA.


The CancerGrid consortium uses CONSORT as the basis for its generic clinical trials model as part of the development of open-standards clinical cancer informatics.

Other fields

CONSORT has begun to have an influence outside the health care field.

To begin to address deficiencies in education research, for example, the REPOSE guidelines - Newman M, Elbourne D. Improving the usability of education research: guidelines for the REPOrting of primary empirical research Studies in Education (The REPOSE Guidelines). Evaluation and Research in Education 2005; in press - have been put forward for discussion.

CONSORT has also inspired reporting guidelines for controlled experiments in software engineering.

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