CONSORT Executive Wins Award for his Work on Research Reporting Standards

Doug Altman has won the annual Award for Meritorious Achievement, the highest award from the Council of Scientific Editors (CSE), for his work to improve the standards of reporting of clinical research.

High quality research must involve clear and transparent reporting that can be judged and assessed by other people, including peer review panels. Although this seems like a basic idea, there is a substantial amount evidence that shows that clear and transparent reporting of research does not routinely happen. In efforts to increase the quality of research, reporting guidelines can help researchers plan, execute and report their studies. It can also help editors and reviewers better appraise reports of clinical research.

Doug Altman is being recognized for his key role in helping to develop a number of evidence-based reporting guidelines, including CONSORT, REMARK (for tumour marker prognostic studies), STROBE statement (for observational studies) and QUOROM (for systematic reviews). He has also co-founded EQUATOR (Enhancing theQUAlity and Transparency Of health Research), an umbrella initiative for information and resources about good research reporting.

Read more from the University of Oxford website.

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