Registation Now Open: EQUATOR Network Launch Meeting

Achieving Transparency in Reporting Health Research


1st EQUATOR Annual Lecture 
presented by Sir Iain Chalmers

Thursday 26th June 2008;  10:00h "“ 16:30h

The Royal Society of Medicine
1 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 0AE, UK

The EQUATOR Network ( is a new international initiative that aims to improve the reliability of scientific publications by promoting transparent and accurate reporting of health research.

Researchers, editors and peer reviewers put an incredible effort into the production of health research publications. However, there is clear evidence that many published studies are reported poorly. This has serious consequences for further research and clinical practice.
Use of robust reporting guidelines can lead to the improved accuracy and transparency of publications. Several internationally respected guidelines (e.g. CONSORT, STARD) have been developed through a collaboration of experts, methodologists and journal editors. However, they are still not widely used by researchers or supported by a majority of medical journals. The wide implementation of reporting guidelines is also complicated by recent proliferation of many other reporting guidelines.

Our meeting will focus on better understanding of problems associated with health research reporting and use of reporting guidelines and will discuss potential solutions that can lead to the improvement of the health research literature.
Topics include: 

  • Importance of good research reporting and consequences of poor reporting from perspectives of different users "“ researchers, clinicians, patients, editors and peer reviewers
  • Improving the quality of research reports "“ tools, challenges and opportunities
  • Role of research funders in ensuring the transparent and reliable publication of funded research
  • Expectations, needs and responsibilities of the academic community
  • Reporting guidelines: past, present and future

The EQUATOR Network: resources and training for authors, editors and peer reviewers
Meeting contributors:
Sir Muir Gray, National Knowledge Service, Oxford 
Prof Doug Altman, Centre for Statistics in Medicine, University of Oxford
Dr David Moher, Chalmers Research Group, Ottawa, Canada
Dr Paul Ayris, University College London
Dr Kenneth Schulz, Family Health International, North Carolina, USA 
Dr John Hoey, Queen's University, Kingston, Canada
Dr Iveta Simera, EQUATOR Network Project Manager
"¦.and other speakers to be confirmed
The meeting will be of great interest to publishers and editors of medical journals, peer reviewers, researchers, medical writers, representatives of research funding bodies, developers of reporting guidelines, and individuals involved in research education from universities, professional societies and associations.
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More details about the programme available on the EQUATOR website soon.
Iveta Simera
EQUATOR Network Project Manager 
Marty Kilby
Conference Advisor, EQUATOR Network 

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