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Dear Colleagues,
The summer issue of the regular EQUATOR Newsletter has been slightly delayed as much of the work has slowed down due to summer vacations. However, there are some important news and developments we would like to share with you. Please read below: 

I. Draft 'Medicine Quality Assessment Reporting Guidelines (MEQARD)' "“ seeking comments

The EQUATOR Network was recently approached by Dr. Paul Newton who is an infectious disease doctor from the Oxford University Tropical Medicine Research Collaboration currently working in Laos. Paul's group seeks comments on their draft guideline for reporting quality of medicine surveys.
Poor drug quality causes severe public health problems in the tropics. More details about the problem and the draft guideline are posted on the EQUATOR website.
Paul's group would like to submit the manuscript sometimes during September and would be very grateful for any advice and comments to help to improve the guidelines.
Please contact Paul directly at

II. The EQUATOR Network launch meeting presentations

The EQUATOR Network held its inaugural meeting on 26 June 2008 in London. All presentations are now available on the website for those who could not attend. 

III. The EQUATOR website upgrade progress

Work has already started on the major website upgrade. The RSS feed function is now available on the news page for those who would like to be alerted to any changes quickly as they happen.
All enhancing features, including online discussion forum and more sophisticated database of reporting guidelines, will be released gradually as they become available and you will be directly alerted to those changes. 

IV. The EQUATOR seeks volunteers for two new committees

The EQUATOR team is looking for volunteers interested to influence the development of some of the EQUATOR main activities. We plan to set up two committees advising on:
a)     Education and training programme development
b)     Website and resource centre development
We are looking for 6-8 people for each group, with equal representation of the main groups of EQUATOR users and with varied expertise.

If you are interested to give a little bit of your time to provide advice, expertise and feedback please email Iveta a brief information about your expertise and experience and suggesting how you could contribute. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

V. Link to EQUATOR

Journal editors, please link to our website from your 'instructions to authors'. Some of the journals have already done it and there is a steadily growing flow of incoming traffic from their websites ( 
The EQUATOR team was also approached by Dr Chris Morris from the Department of Public Health at the University of Oxford who informed us that the Editorial Board of Mac Keith Press, publishers of the journal Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology, recently endorsed the principles advocated by the EQUATOR Network. An editorial outlining new journals policies on research reporting will be published in the autumn (read more). 

Please keep us informed about any news and initiatives relevant to EQUATOR so we can share it with others.
Many thanks and best wishes, 

Iveta Simera
EQUATOR Project Manager 

on behalf of the EQUATOR team 

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