REFLECT Statement: a New Modification of CONSORT

The CONSORT Statement was recently modified to apply to the conduct of randomized controlled trials in livestock with production, health and food-safety outcomes. After participation in a web-based survey and in a 2-day consensus meeting in 2008, 24 participants comprised of biostatisticians, epidemiologists, food-safety researchers, livestock-production specialists, journal editors, assistant editors and associate editors, arrived at consensus with the production of the REFLECT (Reporting Guidelines for Randomized Control Trials) statement for livestock and food safety.

The REFLECT Statement includes a 22-item checklist. Fourteen items were modified from the CONSORT checklist and an additional sub-item was proposed to address challenge trials. The REFLECT statement also proposes new terminology, more consistent with common usage in livestock production. An explanation and elaboration document was also developed.

The use of the REFLECT statement, which addresses issues unique to livestock trials, is anticipated to improve the quality of reporting and design for trials reporting production, health and food-safety outcomes.

The REFLECT Statement is an unofficial extension of the CONSORT Statement. Visit for more information.


O'Connor AM, Sargeant JM, Gardner IA, Dickson JS, Torrence ME; consensus meeting participants: C.E. Dewey, I.R. Dohoo, R.B. Evans, J.T. Gray, M. Greiner, G. Keefe, S.L. Lefebvre, P.S. Morley, A. Ramirez, W. Sischo, D.R. Smith, K. Snedeker, J. Sofos, M.P. Ward, R Wills. The REFLECT Statement: Methods and Processes of Creating Reporting Guidelines for Randomized Controlled Trials for Livestock and Food Safety.

Sargeant JM, O'Connor AM, Gardner IA, Dickson JS, Torrence ME, Dohoo IR, Lefebvre SL, Morley PS, Ramirez A, Snedeker K. The REFLECT Statement: Reporting Guidelines for Randomized Controlled Trials in Livestock and Food Safety: Explanation and Elaboration. J Food Prot. 2010 Mar;73(3):579-603.

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